What are the different types of bridal bouquets?

Out of all the wedding day florals, the bridal bouquet has got to be one of the most important pieces, it is likely to be the most photographed. It will be held for quite a while so needs to be comfortable to carry. It should feel you with joy and add to the excitement of the day.

It needs to compliment what you are wearing and traditionally the size should be in proportion with you and your dress. But more recently there has been a trend for oversized bouquets โ€“ but hey rules are there to be broken!.

So, what are the different types of bridal bouquets?

The most popular style is a handtied bouquet, it is a very natural style, finished with ribbon tied around the stems.

Once you have decided on a handtied bridal bouquet, there are then endless options on style and size. Whether you go wild with lots of foliage, or more compact with lots of flowers. These bouquets can be made from oversized down to petite.

As the handtied bouquet is versatile and can be made in several different styles it will suit any wedding setting.

The next type of bridal bouquet is a shower bouquet, also known as waterfall, teardrop, or cascade. This is completely different to a handtied.

Traditionally shower bouquets are fully wired in a teardrop shape, with a handle on an angle behind. These bouquets are more formal than a handtied bouquet.

Careful consideration needs to be given when choosing this style bouquet, it needs to compliment you and your dress. You do not want to hide any beautiful detailing on your dress.

The last style of bouquet is a modern cascade, if you are looking for the teardrop shape but in a more relaxed style, this is the perfect bouquet. Giving you the option of a trailing bouquet while keeping the handtied element. Lighter to carry than a traditional shower bouquet and with more movement.

The flowers used for this design need to be considered, for example, longer, flexible stems will help achieve the trailing look.

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