How to repurpose your wedding flowers throughout the day

Your wedding day promises a series of exquisite moments that elegantly unfold, all of which are accentuated by your thoughtfully chosen floral arrangements. At Bramble & Belle Floral Design, we are endlessly passionate about offering our couples the chance to fully enjoy the impact of their blooms – not just from a visual perspective, but also from a sustainable approach. As part of your experience with our expert team, we’ll take the time to discuss with you various ways you can repurpose your wedding flowers throughout the day. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide, so that the beauty of your big day blooms can be savoured, and you can experience the maximum amount of joy from each petal.

Set the scene: ceremony

Your ceremony is the core of your special day, where emotions are running high and you officially get to say, ‘I Do’. This is where your floral design and styling choices truly set the tone for the entire event, with couples dressing their ceremony with cascading floral arches, dreamy meadow arrangements for the aisle and statement altar displays. But the enchantment of your wedding ceremony flowers doesn’t have to end after the vows – after all, it’s a very short part of the day. Instead, following your ceremony, these arrangements can be seamlessly transitioned into your reception décor too. Show-stopping additions to enhance the floral scene further and create beautiful backdrops for photo opportunities. 

floral meadow arrangements

A hugely popular choice for weddings in 2024 or 2025, floral meadow arrangements are perfect for decorating the aisle of your ceremony. They’re also incredibly versatile and have a long list of repurpose-worthy ideas. For marquees with longs tables they are a great addition to the ends of the tables, or as a wonderful meadow display in front of a long top table, or for adorning a mantelpiece, styling the table plan or around the base of your cake table for that statement look.

elevate your Aesthetic: reception

Your wedding reception is your chance to really wow your wedding guests. The tables are set, the candles are lit and there are already floral designs that have been design specifically for this space.  But the flowers from your ceremony can then further enhance this space taking the wow factor up a notch even further. 

For instance, a large broken arch at the church entrance can become a show stopping entrance piece for a marquee wedding or create an amazing backdrop for the top table or sweetheart table.  Alternatively, an archway would look beautiful framing your wedding cake table and creating a real focal point.

repurposing restrictions

I always have ideas for moving flowers after the ceremony, we will always discuss ideas for repurposing and I can advise you on designs that repurpose well and ones that don’t.

There are some floral designs that aren’t always as easy to repurpose, based upon the complexity and structure of your arrangements. For example some archways are created on a full metal arch structure with concrete bases for stability, which makes moving a structure like that quite difficult. If a floral arrangement has also been designed specifically to attach to a certain structure, for example a garland attached to a church entrance or a pagoda in a garden, this can also prove tricky in terms of re-using options. However, our floristry team are more than happy to discuss this in detail with you so we can create designs that work well in two different spaces.

make the most of your florals

We love nothing more than working with couples to design swoon-worthy floral designs.  The beauty of repurposing means that you can achieve your dream look in two positions – that stunning archway for your ceremony can also be a head-turning entrance arrangement for your marquee reception!

Our services are all-encompassing, where our team are always available to stay until after the ceremony to move your wedding flowers into new positions.  At Bramble & Belle, we are hugely passionate about flowers and ensuring our couples are able to get the most joy from their blooms for the longest time possible!

We encourage you to get in touch to find out more about our wedding flowers for your luxe love story. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for your daily dose of floral inspiration…