How to choose your wedding flowers

Choosing your wedding flowers should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. But sometimes it can feel quite daunting, I hear comments such as “I don’t know anything about flowers” and that’s fine, that’s what I am here to help with. I can walk you through the process step by step, building confidence in your choices and leading to that moment you walk into your fully dressed venue, with the biggest smile on your face, the ambiance has been set perfectly, for you and your family and friends to enjoy that special moment in both your lives.

So, choosing your wedding flowers – where to start, well first, think about things you love and can take inspiration from, may be that’s your garden or your parents garden or a particular room in your house or a special place you have stayed or visited together. This can help evoke a feeling that you want to achieve for the day.

Think about the venue you have chosen, how does it feel when you are there, what are the interiors and gardens like. Are they formal or informal, rustic or ornate.

Think about the colours of the venue, is it neutral or more colourful, it is important to consider this when choosing your wedding colour scheme. Its always best to compliment the surroundings and not work against them. If there is a strong colour at the venue it will be best to tone this into the colour palette, working with it will mean the flowers will complement the interiors far better and achieve effortless elegance and form part of the surroundings.

Taking into consideration the venue interiors, what are your favourite colours or indeed colours you aren’t so keen on. This will all help narrow down colours you want to consider.

The next thing to consider about choosing wedding flowers is what time of year are you going to get married. Generally summer and early Autumn brings the most choice for flowers, including British grown flowers. And if you do have a particular flower that you want to include its great to check its availability out, before even booking the date if it means that much to you, may be a childhood memory or a favourite flower of a parent or grandparent that you want to include.

Once you have some thoughts on the above, the next thing to do would be to gather some pictures to represent this, along with some of your dress and/or suits. Your ideas for other elements of the day too, such as cake or stationery or hair styles. This is often great gathered together on a Pinterest board, which you can then share with me. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be loads, just a few images will give enough of an idea to start the conversation on how you want your day to look and feel.

Hopefully this doesn’t seem too daunting, and even fun to think about. Once you have a few pictures altogether in one place this should really help you to envisage what your wedding day will look and feel like.

The next step in choosing your wedding flowers is finding a florist. This may be through a preferred supplier list at your venue, through a personal recommendation, a Google search or research on Instagram etc.

From here I will talk you through the process of booking your wedding flowers with me.

The first part of the process of booking and buying your wedding flowers is an initial consultation. This is where I can find out all about you and your wedding, if you have thought about the things above, you will be in a great position to talk it through, with some images to portray it visually as well.

But also, don’t worry if you still feel things aren’t completely clear, this is a great chance to talk it through with someone who can ask the right questions and guide you to that point where it all falls into place.

After the consultation I will prepare a bespoke detailed proposal for you, this will include lots of information, such as a colour palette, flower suggestions based on the colour palette and time of year, a detailed description of each design element, normally split into 3 sections: personal flowers, ceremony flowers and reception flowers, plus lots of pictures. This should all build a great picture of what your wedding flowers will look like on the day and allow you to really visualise your wedding day. From this point onwards you should feel comfortable and excited about your wedding flowers.

I hope this guide on how to choose your wedding flowers is really helpful, I want it to be a fun enjoyable process that brings excitement. I love nothing more than designing gorgeous wedding flowers for couples to enjoy on their special wedding day surrounded by family and friends. I would love to hear your ideas and help you bring them to life.

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